Greek Grammar
Νεοελληνική Γραμματική
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Ancient Greek overviews - Πίνακες Αρχαίων Ελληνικών

In this page you can find compact and easy to use Ancient Greek overviews of nouns, adjectives, verbs etc.

pdf document 1. Overview article and nouns
pdf document 2. Overview adjectives
pdf document 3. Overview degrees of comparison
pdf document 4. Overview pronouns
pdf document 5. Overview numerals

pdf document 6. Overview verb λυω
pdf document 7. Overview verb διδωμι
pdf document 8. Overview verb ιημι
pdf document 9. Overview verb ιστημι
pdf document 10. Overview verb τιθημι

pdf document 11. Overview praesens imperfectum contracted verbs
pdf document 12. Overview praesens imperfectum athematic verbs

pdf document 13. Overview sigmatic, pseudo-sigmatic aorist
pdf document 14. Overview second aorist
pdf document 15. Overview second aorist εγνων, εβην, εφυν
pdf document 16. Overview aorist ending in -θην and -ην

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