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Practice tests - Τεστ εξάσκησης

In this page you can find practice tests including key answers for the "Certificate of Attainment in Greek" exams. The material covers the examination for B2, C1, C2 level language use. It is meant to familiarize candidates with the exam structure of language use in these levels and enhance the necessary skills for exam success.

Practice tests, B2, C1, C2 level language use

pdf document Word formation, Everest movie
pdf document Word formation, the city of Mycenae

pdf document Select missing word, Acropolis museum
pdf document Select missing word, Mediterranean Sea

pdf document Choose missing word, climate change

pdf document Synonyms, Agrafa mountains
pdf document Synonyms, Arctic fox
pdf document Synonyms, Architectural Treasure Hunt in Strofyli Kifisia

pdf document Remove words, Swedish cottage with Japanese influences

Writing, essay tasks with structure

pdf document Traditional Guesthouse description

pdf document Holidays in Space

pdf document Stray dogs in town

pdf document Virtual reality in social media

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Certificate of Attainment in Greek
Practice tests for B2, C1, C2 level language use