Greek Grammar
Νεοελληνική Γραμματική
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Pronouns - Αντωνυμίες

Personal pronouns - Προσωπικές αντωνυμίες

Personal pronouns are declinable words that express the first, second or third person and may be used instead of nouns. The use of personal pronouns with verbs is not obligatory as persons are indicated by the unique personal endings of the verbs. More in the file below.

pdf document Personal pronouns

Possessive pronouns - Κτητικές αντωνυμίες

Possessive pronouns are indeclinable. They have the same form as the weak forms of the personal pronouns in genitive and they express possession. More in the file below.

pdf document Possessive pronouns

Relative pronouns - Αναφορικές αντωνυμίες

Relative pronouns are used to join sentenses. More in the file below.

pdf document Relative pronouns

Demonstrative pronouns - Δεικτικές αντωνυμίες

The demonstrative pronouns are used to indicate which entity the speaker refers to. More in the file below.

pdf document Demonstrative pronouns

Interrogative pronouns - Ερωτηματικές αντωνυμίες

The interrogative pronouns are used in order to ask questions. More in the file below.

pdf document Interrogative pronouns

Indefinite pronouns - Αόριστες αντωνυμίες

Indefinite pronouns refer to one or more unspecified persons and objects. More in the file below.

pdf document Indefinite pronouns

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